We will be walking through the Post Exile period of the Bible for several months. We continue now with the Book of Esther starting on October 15th. We will be moving back to the book of Ezra (7-10) after finishing the Book of Esther.

New Lessons will be posted each week as we continue our Journey.

To join us live each Sunday at 10:45 am, please follow the instructions posted here.



20231015 Esther 1:1-9 & Overview (Lesson Plan):


20231029 Esther 1:10-22 (Lesson Plan):


20231105 Esther 2:1-11 (Lesson Plan):


20231126 Esther 2:12-23 (Lesson Plan) (Note this is the same lesson plan as Nov 5th but we never finished it):


20231203 Esther 3 (Lesson Plan):


20231210 Esther 4 (Lesson Plan):


20231217 Esther 5 (Lesson Plan):


20240107 Esther 6 (Lesson Plan):


20240114 Esther 7-8:2 (Lesson Plan):


20240121 Esther 8:3-17 (Lesson Plan):


20240128 Esther 9-10 (Lesson Plan):