I’ve been testing out a virtual worship opportunity with some of our shut-in church population for the past couple months and I’d like to let the rest of the congregation know about it as well.

We will continue to do in-person worship and I emphasize it is my desire for everyone to attend in-person worship, but I also recognize the reality of the issues surrounding this ongoing pandemic. Therefore, if you can’t join us for in-person worship, then for the worship & bible study, I'm using a free website that allows us to host a large group conference call/video chat. You have multiple options to access it, via a regular telephone (or cell phone), a smartphone mobile app, a tablet, or a computer. Please try one of the methods below at any time to test how it works (keep in mind, if you're the only one connected, then it will connect you, but you'll hear hold music or just silence until someone else connects).

1. Dial-in number (US): (425) 436-6358;    Access code: 367780#
2. Join the online meeting on your computer, smartphone, or tablet by going to this link and downloading the app to allow for the video features:
Online meeting ID: trinitylccortez

I normally start the conference call about 15 mins before our 9 am worship and turn it off about 5-10 mins after worship. For Bible Study it normally gets turned on 1-2 mins before we get started and turned off 1-2 mins after we finish. Since we aren’t doing communion every Sunday we normally get started with Bible study earlier (~10:15) on non-communion Sundays (2nd & 4th Sundays) and later (~10:45) on communion Sundays (1st, 3rd, & 5th). However, if you call in early, just leave your phone or computer connected and it will start the live stream once I connect as the “host.”

I try to eventually post the recordings of these videos on our youtube page as well, but since the priority is on doing it live, I haven’t been keeping any type of schedule or deadline on when I get the recordings posted. 

Please join us for worship in whatever manner you are the most comfortable with.

God’s Blessings,

Luke Scheele, Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church