We will be walking through the Post Exile period of the Bible for several months. We begin with the Book of Danile starting on February 12th.

New Lessons will be posted each week as we continue our Journey.

To join us live each Sunday at 10:45 am, please follow the instructions posted here.



20230212 Overview and Daniel 1:1-7 (Lesson Plan):


20230219 Overview and Daniel 1:8-21 (Lesson Plan):


20230226 Daniel 2:1-23 (Lesson Plan): 


20230305 Daniel 2:24-49 (Lesson Plan) - same worksheet as last week, but we finished the back page: 


20230312 Daniel 3 (Lesson Plan & Bonus Document - The Babylonian Chronicles):


20230319 Daniel 4:1-12 (Lesson Plan):