Jesus, the Root of Jesse's Tree

As We Gather

“The land of Moriah.” Our first impression may be that this geographic location in the Middle East does not have much meaning for us today. Yet, it does. A mountain in Moriah is the place that the Lord instructs Abraham to travel to in order to sacrifice his son Isaac. As the pair ascend the mountain and come to where God led them, the Lord intervenes and spares Isaac’s life, providing a ram as the offering. In the New Testament, “the land of Moriah” has even greater significance for us. This is where Jerusalem and the temple are built. This land is where Jesus will ascend Mount Calvary. God, however, will not spare the life of His only begotten Son; instead, He will allow Him to die for you. This sacrifice for you is what Jesus was born to do. Worthy is the Lamb whose death makes me His own!

You can download the bulletin here: Bulletin 20201209 2nd Wednesday in Advent.pdf

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