As many of you are already aware, the Montezuma County pandemic threat level was changed to Orange this past Monday. Due to this increased health risk from the COVID-19 virus to the members of our congregation, we are suspending in-person worship services and we are moving to all online worship services until further notice. This includes our regular 9 am Sunday worship services and our upcoming 6 pm Wednesday Advent worship services.

I will continue to monitor our threat level and hopefully, things will settle out in the next couple of weeks so that we can look forward to worshipping in-person for Christmas, but ultimately we will have to wait and see what happens.

Since we will only be doing online worship, for now, we’ve increased the ways that you can access this worship service each Sunday at 9 am. Please join us using whichever one you are the most comfortable with. To start with you will continue to be able to access the worship service by using your telephone and calling into our Teleconference (like we’ve been doing since August), but you will also be able to access the worship service through our church websiteYouTube page, and over your antenna TV. I’ve listed the details, below…


Teleconference: Dial-in number: (425) 436-6358;    Access code: 367780#


Church Website:

(A copy of the bulletin will be posted on the website each week by Saturday at 1 pm and emailed to the church email list)




Antenna TV broadcast: Channel 22.7


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. As always, we rest in the hands of our Savior as we await His return when all things will be perfected and restored. Until then we cry out with the Church throughout the ages, “Lord, have mercy!” and “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

God’s Blessings,

Luke Scheele, Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church

P.S. I was able to track down the cause of the audio static from last week’s worship service, so we should not have that issue again.