This pandemic has had some strange ups and downs and most recently the school district has been hit very hard with COVID cases. Specifically, for my own family two of my children have tested positive for COVID this week. With these things in mind, and after talking with the county health department, I’ve decided to have us go back to online worship this Sunday (Oct 3rd) and next Sunday (Oct 10th). This way we can be a little safer as we prayerfully let these new cases calm down.  After that I’ll take a current look at the situation with the Elders and we’ll decide which direction we will move.

All that being said, our online worship times will remain the same as they have been. We will do a live teleconference worship service at 9 am and then we will post that recording at 6 pm on YouTube.

If you have technical issues and don’t want to deal with a Teleconference or YouTube worship service, then you are more than welcome to join us in-person at 9 am on Sunday and be part of the background congregation that gets recorded for the benefit of the rest of the congregation. Even if you don’t have technical issues and just simply desire to join us in-person you are still welcome, but I do ask that you consider wearing a mask while moving about the church or at least try to maintain the 6+ ft distance.

Bible Study will be done online at 10:45 am using the Teleconference tool as well. However, this Sunday we will be doing a special study provided by The Lutheran Bible Translators to match our theme of Bible Translation Sunday.

God’s Blessings,

Luke Scheele, Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church