After discussing the current COVID situation with the Elders we’ve decided to resume in-person worship this Sunday (Oct 17th), however, we will also be resuming some of the past pandemic precautions we’ve all grown accustomed to. 

First, we will be using the social distancing ribbons in the middle section of pews again. 

Second, we ask that everyone respect each other’s personal decision in regards to mask wearing. I, personally, will be wearing one again (for the time being), but it is not a requirement to join us in worship. 

Third, we will not be offering communion this week, but we will be discussing offering it again on Reformation Sunday (Oct 31st). 

Finally, there will not be any drinks or snacks served during the after worship fellowship until things calm down again. The Fellowship Committee likewise will be making weekly decisions on this and will resume when they think it can be safely accomplished.

As has become our custom, we will continue to offer our virtual worship opportunities through the teleconference tool and our YouTube page.  If you feel like you are sick or a carrier for any type of sickness, please join us online.

On the home front, my family is finishing off their COVID isolation periods this week and they are excited to see everyone again. After having 4 kids who tested positive with COVID I’m just happy that my wife and I had already been vaccinated and we were able to care for them without having to deal with it ourselves. The kids, for the most part, had very mild symptoms (if any) and were mostly just frustrated with the isolation time frame. When Kemper switched to completely online learning that made it a little easier for the older kids since they were at least in a similar level of isolation as their classmates. Our youngest, Esther, has not caught it and we pray that continues to be true. God is good and His mercies are new every morning. Praise be to God for that, because I know I couldn’t survive without Him.


God’s Blessings,

Luke Scheele, Pastor