Plan to attend New Member Sunday on February 4! There are quite a few new members to welcome into the Trinity Family. There will be a celebration afterwards. 

Voters Meeting will happen on February 11 after the Worship service. We'll be voting on which candidate for pastor to issue a call to.  Check out the Feb newsletter to get connections to hear these gentlemen preach and to see their current situations. 

Sunday School resumes at Trinity on February 18. The elders have made this a goal and we invite all members of Trinity and friends to come to this important event. 

Lent is now the church season. There are Lenten services on Wednesday at 7 p.m. There will be a number of people leading the service, so we have a chance to get different perspectives on this important time of year. And if you come to church a 6 p.m., you can join in the Lenten Soup Suppers. There is always a good soup along with a variety of side dishes.